Production & Marketing

Mission statement

The new strategic direction is to have a well-coordinated and pluralistic agricultural extension services delivery system which will change farmers from subsistence farming to commercialized farming in order to increase the farmer’s income.

Vision statement

Prosperous farmers and other agricultural actors for socio-economic transformation and welfare of the population

Mission statement

Promote the application of appropriate information, knowledge and technological innovations for commercialization of Agriculture


To empower farmers and other value chain actors to effectively participate &benefits equitability from Agriculture extension

To ensure a well-coordinated delivery of Agriculture extension services to increase efficiency &effectiveness.

Disseminate appropriate technologies to all categories of farmers to other beneficiaries in the Agricultural sector.

Physical achievements  

-  Operation wealthy creation program, inputs have been distributed to farmers which include; improved seeds of beans, maize, passion fruits, oranges and mangoes.

- 52 Dairy cattle have been given to farmers doing

- 8280 Kg of improved seeds were distributed to 430 farmer-beneficiaries

- 4100 Kg of improved beans were distributed to 186 farmers

- Vaccination of dog was done

  1. Constraints, challenges and recommendation


Constraints –emerging issues


Expected outcome results

Responsible officer


Disease outbreaks in crops and livestock e g Army worms in maize, FMD, rabies in dogs

Regular disease surveillance and vaccination of animals against those notifiable diseases

Reduce the disease incidences in the area

Agriculture Officer, Veterinary Officer


Fake Agro –chemicals for crops and Animals

Regular inspection of agro –chemical stores and shops within the Municipality

Reduce fake drugs on the market

Agriculture Officer, Veterinary Officer


Animal roistering within the municipal council which spread disease and causing it difficult to control diseases

Establishment of pounding grounds and putting up a bylaw to control the movement of stray animals

First of all this pounding grounds will generate revenue for the disease and disease control in animals

Production Officer



Un realization of budget for the department

LRR is always not realized as budgeted  so you find that certain activities cannot be implemented due to funds

Not implementing some activities which were planned

Production Coordinator


 Climate changes for instance prolonged drought or rains

Start to establish small scale irrigation site demonstration

Farmer training in water harvesting and small irrigation methods

Agriculture officer



Estimated number of farming households in the Municipality -70,780 farming households

Production components in the Municipality

  • Agriculture
  • Fisheries
  • Livestock husbandry

Agricultural systems used by the farmers

For Livestock systems; Animals reared include Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Layers and broilers in poultry and kroilers

  1. Zero grazing System
  2. Semi intensive system
  3. A few still on Communal grazing i.e Extensive farming
  4. Pigs are on Intensive farming system
  5. Deep litter system in poultry
  6. Battery cage system
  7. Backyard system

Fish farming systems include:

  • Extensive fish farming
  • Semi-intensive
  • Intensive farming

Is the farming Commercial or Subsistence, we have both commercial farming and subsistence where they grow only food for home consumption.

The main crops grown in the Municipality include; Banana, Cassava, Maize, Vegetables e.g. Tomatoes, cabbage, Ntula, eggplant, lettuce, green pepper, okra, dodo Makati,  Sukuma wiiki, spinach

Fruits include Oranges, Mangoes, pineapples, passion fruit, and guavas


  • Budget cuts during the work plan implementation
  • Disease and pest outbreaks in both crops and animal e.g. Army worm, FMD, LSD, Rabies, New castle in poultry CBPP, African swine fever in pig.
  • Loitering Animals in the municipality (Stray dogs &animals
  • Lack of legally constituted management committees at landing sites
  • Compliance to the registration &licensing requirements by fishers is still low
  • Changing farmers mindset to adopt new technologies is not easy