The Town clerk, Mr. Richard K Monday

Administration and HR

The directorate coordinates the overall functionality of 9 directorates at the Municipality level, 3 lower local governments (divisions) within the municipality.

Departmental Mandate

To develop, manage and administer human resource, municipality policies and systems, for efficient and effective service delivery.


To serve the municipality through a coordinated delivery of services that focus on national and local priorities to promote sustainable and social-economic development.


  • To effect administrative checks and supervision at least once a year.
  • Ensure management of municipal records
  • To ensure coordination of departmental activities
  • Ensure award of contracts following the laid down procedures
  • To network with national and international bodies and ministries.
  • Recruit staff with requisite knowledge experience and skills
  • Train and equip staff with relevant knowledge and skills
  • To offer staff the necessary welfare and motivation.
  • To ensure a safe, clean and conducive work environment
  • Disseminate municipality information locally and internationally

Services Offered

To effect administrative checks and supervision;

  • Monitoring implementation of LLG and departmental projects.
  • Assessment of fulfilment of minimum conditions and performance measures required by the ministry
  • Monitoring of lower local governments.
  • Attending to lower local governments’ complaints and conflicts.

Ensure management of municipality records;

  • Facilitate the prompt delivery of mail
  • Appraise the records staff annually

Ensure award of contracts following the laid down procedure;

  • Follow guidelines as laid down in the PPDA Act. Obligations of Our Clients:
  • Attend to scheduled appointments punctually
  • Respond to our request for accurate and timely information
  • Contribute to solutions to address our challenges.
  • Not to offer gifts, favors or inducements to our staff
  • Abide by legal requirements
  • Suppliers to provide appropriate, timely goods and services
  • Treat our staff with courtesy

To ensure the coordination of departmental activities;

  • Hold technical planning committee meetings
  • Attend sectoral committee resolutions
  • Guide departmental heads of government
  • Facilitate departmental activities.

Recruit staff with requisite knowledge skills and experience;

  • Carry out advertisements, shortlisting, interviews, appointment, and deployment.
  • Train and equip staff with relevant knowledge and skills.

Offer staff necessary welfare and motivation;

  • Ensure salary payments by 28thday of the month
  • Offer office imprest
  • Providing mileage and kilometrage
  • Support the human resource team to effectively manage the payroll
  • Payment of pension and gratuity to beneficiaries.

To ensure a safe clear and conducive work environment;

  • Payment of electricity bills
  • Payment of water bills
  • Payment for sanitary equipment and facilities
  • Payment for slashing compound and trimming hedges
  • Payment of wages for office cleaners
  • Repair and maintenance of broken-down facilities

Network with national and international bodies and ministries;

  • Providing timely reporting to ministries
  • Receive national and international delegations
  • Celebrate national and municipality functions
  • Payment of co-funding for municipality programmes
  • Payment of membership fees to affiliate associations

Identify training needs;

  • Evaluate training programmes depending on our staff needs.
  • Provide technical support to lower local governments and other local governments
  • Carry out cost effective training abroad.

Disseminate municipal council information locally and internationally;

  • Manage the municipal council website
  • Coordinate the municipal council radio programs
  • Facilitate the municipal council information officer to gather and disseminate information regarding the municipality.
  • Provide and disseminate information with the provisions of the access to information Act 2005.