Article 197 of the constitution and section 79 of this Act mandates the creation of a Municipal Council as a Lower local Government of the District in which it is situated.

Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality was established by the Government of Uganda in July 2015 by resolution of the Parliament of Uganda. It is the only Municipality in Uganda that was elevated from a Sub county status to Municipal status without becoming a Town board or Town council first. This Municipality is one of the four (4) municipalities in Wakiso District.

Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality is one of the fastest growing municipalities in Uganda with an estimated population of 360,000(three hundred sixty thousand people) with the highest percentage being youths. It is the highest densely populated urban centre in Uganda.

Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality is made up of 3 Divisions, 8 Wards and 55 zones.